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"I started meditating a few months back when Terri started coming to our office for lunch time mediation. I never really meditated before, but Terri reminds you that all you need is a few minutes a day to feel grounded. I recently ran my 5th full Marathon (Boston Marathon) and for the first time ever, I meditated before the race. I was in a crowded bus with other runners but I knew that all I needed was a few minutes to focus on my breath and clear my mind.  For the first time ever, I started a race completely calm.  I ran the best marathon of my life that day, completely relaxed and in-tune with my breath the entire time. Even when fatigue set in, I knew that if I focused I would be okay.  Thank you Terri for teaching me the importance of breath, something so simple yet so profound."

— Patricia Connelly // Avid Runner, Kate Spade Employee 


"Anyone who has taken Terri’s yoga or meditation class, immediately feels comfortable with her soothing voice and calming words. She takes you away and brings you to a peaceful world. Her yoga classes offer a powerful workout, she gracefully takes you through challenging poses with ease. Terri is able to bring out the best in her students with encouragement and motivating dialogue as she expertly takes you through each pose. In her meditation classes she offers techniques to keep focus through breathing, which can be used outside of class. Again her calming presence is comforting, she has a way to easily connect with students. She has continued to grow and develop her teachings as she deepens her experiences and learnings. All and all Terri is an amazing teacher in both yoga and meditation!”


"Terri Barnett is a leader, a spiritual guide and someone who has changed my yoga practice, outlook,  and ultimately my relationship with myself thru her mindfulness teaching. Terri has taught me the tools to finding my own quiet, calm + flow internally, which has bettered my relationship to self + relationships with others. Her energy is contagious. She conducts a room with grace and ease while still commanding attention. Terri is wise and strong, yet calm and collected. She is a force of nature that I am lucky to call a mentor, teacher and guide.”

— olivia young // box + flow studio

"I have been practicing yoga with Terri Barnett for three years and, truth be told, Terri is the reason I fell in love with yoga. Terri has an energy that radiates from her heart that makes her students feel welcomed, at ease and grateful to be part of the experience. Her classes are challenging and athletic, yet always leave room for self-love and reflection. When I walk in to Terri's class, I know I'm in a safe, judgment-free zone where being my best self is enough. When I walk out of Terri's class, I feel grounded, lighter and happier.  I have also had the pleasure of being a student in Terri's meditation classes.  Although it can be very challenging to quiet the mind, Terri makes it incredibly easy with her intelligent prompts and guidance, comforting presence, and soothing voice.  Terri is also very adept at working with clients both privately and in leading large groups.  I highly recommend taking one of Terri's yoga or meditation classes, or engaging her for a corporate wellness program."

— rina grassiotti // rina grassiotti nutrition