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Corporate Wellness


MINDFUL MOVEMENT is a mindfulness methodology that utilizes meditation and breathing techniques to help you become more present, focused and calm. Through a series of simple mindfulness practices you will learn how to reduce stress levels and improve the overall quality of your life.

MINDFUL MOVEMENT is offered as a group workshop or an individual private session. We can custom tailor the program for corporate wellness or personal initiatives.


how it works

Mindful Movement Corporate Workshop / Individual Session: During this 60/90 minute program you will be introduced to a variety of breathing and meditation techniques designed to support you in more effectively managing the daily challenges you face, ultimately creating more clarity, focus and abundance in your life.

Mindful Movement Meditation Sessions: During this 30/45/60 minute program, you will be guided through a Breath or Heart meditation.  No meditation experience necessary. Office attire.

Mindful Movement Yoga / Stretching Sessions: During this 30/45/60 minute session, you will be guided through an all levels vinyasa flow, or restorative yoga session or a series of basic office stretches - comfortable clothing recommended.  



Enhanced productivity and efficiency  //  Improved concentration  //  Strengthened decision-making abilities  //  Improved self-confidence  //  Increased ability to manage stress  //  Better sleep


for more information

MINDFUL MOVEMENT can be custom-tailored for corporate wellness and personal individual initatives. Please email or call 216.407.6486 for pricing and more information.